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motion graphics for cope website my post : idea to the execution

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Ask Animation for Advertising

Me and colleagues

View this post on Instagram Good days next to colleagues at Blue Pencil Studios چهار سال لحظات شیرین کار و خاطره در کنار دوستان در استودیو مدادآبی #blue_pencil #move #colleagues #gooddays #work #استودیومدادآبی #همکاران #روزهای خوب A post shared by Fariba Jafarzadeh (@art_fariba) on May 4, 2019 at 6:58am PDT

Carpino Animation

Anime & Composite Animation Company Carpino Customer order company: Blue pencil Director: Mani Vatan Doust Production style : cut out animation  

Motion gif for Ask website

Motion gif for Ask website Production Year: 2017 Program Title:  Motion gif for Ask website  Post: idea to the execution  Ordered by:  Ask website Telegram Channel Address    @ask_ir                            

School building campaign teaser

My personal  site  

IRIB 2, TV Series Hamin Alan Yehoei

[IRIB 2, TV Series ““Hamin Alan Yehoei (Suddenly, Just Right Now)” Program”] • [Designer of the title sequence and Editor and , Motion Graphic Designer]      

“Daei be roz” Animation

⦁ Animator and Composite artist of Koodak va Internet (Children & Internet) Animation Project Production Year: 2018 Program Title: Children & Internet  Post: Director , animator and composite  Ordered by: The Silver Frame Film Producing Studio